Who Am I?

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Hello friends!

My name’s Sal Harris. I’m a writer, a workshop practitioner, an artist, a teacher, a gendernaut, a poet, a linguist, a queer…

In the pages of this site I write about intersectional queer trans activism, inclusivity and diversity,  and my transition and experiences as a queer, not-all-that-binary trans girl.

The Gendernauts Project, which you will also find around these parts, looks into new ways to represent the gender spectrum, co-creating fun and safe spaces for everyone who wants to explore gender through mess. What happens when we use taste to describe our experiences? What labels will do for self-identification when we throw away the googleable ones? What’s the connection between gender and types of dinosaur?

Take a look at my Gendernauts page for more details on the project!

Welcome to my world of olives, magic, scarves and mascara.

I hope you like it here!